Zoe’s Chocolates: Frederick, MD

(This post is Sponsored however all opinions expressed are strictly my own) I just want to start by saying, a big thank you to Zoe’s Chocolates for reaching out to me and inviting me to try out some of their wonderful chocolates. I love being able to check out new places and try out their products.


How the meet up happened:

When the Zoe’s Chocolates Social Media Director (SMD) contacted me, she was super sweet and sensitive to my chocolates tastes because she had read one of my blogs where I said “Mmmm. I am so weird about chocolate… I only really love it if it is in cake (chocolate cake, cupcakes, etc) or if it is white chocolate… I very rarely will just crave to eat a piece of chocolate. I know, it is a strange concept considering many believe that women and chocolate are a natural combination”

She (SMD) told me after reading that blog entry “Now, I read that you do not care much for chocolate, but we have an excellent white chocolate Cappuccino Bar you may enjoy!” (which I took home with me! I have yet to try it! I am saving it to enjoy with my Dad who LOVES coffee!). When I read her comment, it hit a sweet spot in my heart (pun totally intended 😛 ). She had taken the time to actually read my blog and give me feedback (not quoted) which told me that she cared about connecting with me. At that moment I knew that Zoe’s would be my kind of place!

Anyways, lets get to the good stuff! Visiting Frederick, MD was a lot of fun. I have never been to Frederick, I have only driven past it. There are a lot of cool shops and places to eat! You must visit! Everyone is super friendly too!!!


Zoe’s Chocolates:

A little bit of history as told by their SMD (the rest of the story can be found here)
“The siblings at Zoe’s Chocolate Co., Zoe, Pantelis and Petros, and their father George combine the best of their Mediterranean heritage to create an innovative chocolate line, which includes flavors such as Dionysus Baklava (made with honey from their own hives), Aegean Pistachio, and Persephone’s Pomegranate. Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Zoe’s can access numerous artisan farms for fresh, local ingredients. Despite the company’s small town beginnings, the chocolates have been noticed by celebrities and politicians alike. Zoe’s was selected as the official chocolatiers to numerous celebrity events such as the 2011 Emmy Awards, the 2013 Oscar Award Salon, and most recently, the 2013 White House Correspondents’ Dinner Lounge.”

I was very intrigued by their selection of chocolates. Because Zoe’s family is from Greece, I LOVED that their chocolates have a lot of Greek/Mediterranean influence (Dionysus Baklava, Orange Flower, and Tahini to name a few) and that they try to use a lot of local ingredients.

When I arrived at the Frederick store (which I learned has been open for two year), I was greeted by Ashley. Ashley, who’s been with the company one year, works with Zoe’s full time and also happens to be their PR manager. She was really sweet. She told me all about Zoe’s and the chocolates. While talking to Ashley, I learned that the bestsellers are their Truffles (I am not surprised they are amazing) and out of the Truffles the bestsellers are: the Dionysus Baklava followed by Liquid Caramel. Ashley also let me try a taste of her favorite, Black Raspberry. I learned that Zoe’s uses local Raspberry preserves from McCutcheon’s in Frederick.

In addition to truffles, Zoe’s Chocolates also sells Chocolate Bars, Baking Chocolates, Butter Toffee and Peanut Brittle to name a few (check out the rest here). All the delish chocolate I talk about can be purchased online through http://www.zoeschocolate.com/


Lets talk yummy Chocolates!

I tasted 5 different Truffle Flavors and their Frozoe Frozen Chocolate Treat.

Caffe: This was the first one I tried. If you know me, you know I love coffee! I was surprised when the chocolate entered my mouth because it was SMOOTH. This seems to be the theme with their Truffles. I think I was expecting chewy and hard (again, not a chocolate connoisseur but, from the blog post that originated this visit you know chocolate wasn’t my first go to snack so I am used to generic chocolate brands <not naming names>). The coffee and dark chocolate were not bitter at all, which is what I would have expected out of the dark chocolate and coffee. I also loved that the whole treat was not overly sweet. It was the perfect combination of ingredients. Mmmmm

Aegean Pistachio: I really enjoyed this treat because it had a subtle flavor of pistachio that was complemented by a yummy almond flavor. Again, this was really smooth and not overly sweet which I loved.

Dionysus Baklava: Of course I had to try their top seller! I was very impressed. I don’t know a lot about Baklava (like what makes good or bad Baklava) but I do know that I really liked this treat. You can really taste the spices and honey in it as well as the texture of the blend of nuts. I learned a cool Zoe fact. One of Zoe’s hobbies is bee keeping. She has a hot pink beehive (after the color of the business. Love! That is my business color too! (annadbruce.com). Zoe’s uses the honey from that beehive in their Dionysus Baklava. Way cool right?

Black Raspberry: I had to try Ashley’s favorite. I loved that the Raspberry flavor was not overpowering the white chocolate ganache. The more you savor this chocolate, the more apparent each flavor becomes but none overpowering the other. I also really loved the little bit of raspberry candy on top, it added that little extra crunch and sweetness to the whole Truffle.

Tahini: This one was hands down my favorite, which totally surprised me. I don’t normally use sesame in any of my cooking so the fact that this one was my favorite surprised me. I thought coming into the store that the Aegean Pistachio would be my fave since I love Pistachio ice cream but no, Tahini won my heart. I took home 4! It is so rich with sesame flavor and so smooth. I don’t know what else to say, Tahini won my heart.

Frozoe: “Zoe’s very own dark, velvety, creamy, luscious frozen chocolate treat”. Need I say more? The label says it all. It was GOOD. It’s perfect for summer days like what we have here in Northern VA.


I really enjoyed my visit to Zoe’s. I am very grateful that they found my blog and reached out to try some of their amazing chocolates. If you don’t find yourselves in Frederick, MD or Waynesboro, PA fear not! You can order yummy chocolates online here: http://www.zoeschocolate.com


***If you love chocolates and want to enjoy celebrity status treats please enjoy a one-piece gift box with any purchase of your choice. Enter Promo Code: “OMG Yum! Foodblog” and the flavor of the Truffle you want in the comments section at checkout***


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Til next time my friends, stay chocolatey





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